International Student at Parkland College

Welcome to the website of an international student at PC.


In this website you will know how is a daily life of an international student at college, and will learn some skills about how improve your English skills.


Hello everybody! I am Giuseppe Verrecchia, an international student from Italy at Parkland College. In this website, I want to explain how a daily life at college is and give you some helps about how you can have successful at college.I am going to show some skills and websites that you may use to improve your English skills at college. At this moment, I am studying ESL classes to improve my English skills and after that, I am going to start my academic classes in Business Administration. Also, I am an athlete for Parkland College, and I am a soccer player for Parkland Men's Soccer.

2021 (Fall) Men's Soccer Roster

This is my story before to come here in the United States

Plan The Future